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Again, Ive be asked by a friend to post the following job post. Please contact James ( if you are interested:

Job Description: Freelance Web Developer


Founded in 1999, Steinhardt Design is a full service design studio with a specialty in brand strategy and web technology. We are a team of designers and programmers with a passion for creative solutions that communicate the essence of each client’s unique identity. Steinhardt Design has a roster of over 60 clients across the United States and in Europe encompassing retail, real estate, advertising, music production, fashion, and philanthropy. Still other clients are celebrated painters, writers, composers, film makers, and internationally renowned soloists. Steinhardt Design is based in New York City.

We are looking for an exceptional web developer who thrives on producing brilliant solutions for our website needs. Since we are a small team, you will play a key role and your work will be both highly visible and crucial to our continued success. This is a part time, freelance position with potential to develop into a full time, salaried position. You do not need to be located in NYC as the work could be done remotely.


The Web Developer will:

• Collaborate with our designers to plan and develop websites
• Participate in meetings with prospective clients
• Help us brainstorm and develop proposals


We are looking for candidates with expertise in any (or all!) of the following technologies: PHP, PERL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, ActionScript 3, HTML 5, XML


• A strong sense of accountability and ability to work productively without supervision
• Excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills
• Ability to pick up new technologies with ease
• Willingness to take direction, and ability to give constructive feedback


Commensurate with qualifications.


Send the following materials to the attention of James Cannon (

• Online portfolio or relevant URLs
• Cover letter discussing your qualifications
• Resumé
• Three references

The IRA saga continues

yes folks - AG Edwards, then Wachovia, then Wells Fargo. Bought out and bought out again. 5 digits worth or retirement savings of mine, a Roth IRA, is somehow put in "abandonment status" during these past two years in Japan. Why? Because some snail mail came back to them. Did my advisor ever tell me? Did he ever update my mailing address after requesting so? Did he even write a goodbye mail to tell me he was leaving? NO NO and NO. Im SO ANGRY. Im fighting for the funds that are RIGHTFULLY MINE! MY SAVINGS! Fuckers! Now the latest. Money Laundering? WHAT THE FUCK!? WHY DO I HAVE TO GO THRU THIS TO GET MY MONEY! See below:

"This is what came back from our money laundering dept. look below…can you send us copy of what is needed?

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Unit has completed its review of the paperwork submitted for the above named client(s) and we are unable to complete the verification process due to the following:

* Explanation of why this client is in Japan, when she moved to Japan, and how much longer she expects to reside there. Please submit.
* International Business Request Form (IBRF) - Wells Fargo Advisors LLC restricts the opening of new accounts if any of the clients, or any part of the entity, resides in any country not listed on the Allowable Country List for New International Accounts. The account cannot be opened without obtaining an exception. - Attached below. Required for Japan. Please submit along with employer verification letter.
* New Account Application Form or New Account Worksheet and Associated Person(s) Form - Please submit.
* Enhanced Due Diligence & Qualification Form (Individual and JTTEN Accounts ) -

Page 1 - Required Documentation - Please check the Enhanced Due Diligenc, New Account Documentation, and Approved International Business Request Form boxes and submit the latter two.
Page 1 - AML Component: "Other" can not be used. Please select a second item from the list and submit.
Page 2 - Please complete the Name, ID Type, County of ID, and ID Number boxes.
Page 3 - Please complete the source of wealth and provide information about client's current employment, etc.
Page 3 - Please indicated the Frequency of Check and Deposit usage.

* Copy of each client’s valid and legible government issued picture identification, such as a driver's license, passport, Resident Alien ID card, or cedula - Please submit.
* U.S. Person's Social Security Number (SSN) - Social Security card, W-2, 1099 statement, Medicare card, driver's license (only if it shows SSN), or tax returns - Please submit
* One And Same Letter if Client is using another name that does not match his / her government issued ID - Please submit
* Supporting documentation for two AML Components listed on the Enhanced Due Diligence & Qualification Form - Individual and JTTEN Accounts - Please submit a second item.
* Foreign Financial Intermediary Attestation (attached below) - This attestation is required for any individual/entity that provides legal, tax or investment advice. - Please submit if applicable."

As promised - Sesame-ginger veggie burgers :)

I've been on a frugal cooking kick this week. The inventions worked out well!

2 cups cooked beans (I used soybeans for their light flavor)
1 carrot, diced
1/4 onion, diced
1/2 cooked grain (rice, bulgur, etc)
3 TB red miso (or to taste)
1 TB fresh ginger
1 TB sesame oil
1 TB sesame seeds

Mash and mix the beans with the red miso. Set aside. Chop or use the food processor to dice up the veggies, garlic and ginger. Combine all ingredients with the mashed beans. Form into burger-sized patties (or small balls, if you want to make croquettes instead. Brush a baking sheet lightly with sesame oil. Place patties on the sheet and bake at 180C for 30 minutes or until browned. Makes about 6 burger-sized patties.

Bonus: Easy Raisin-Almond Couscous

2 cups boiling water
1 cup couscous
1 TB olive oil
1 tsp salt
3/4 cup raisins
1 chopped water-sauteed onion
3/4 cup sliced almonds
2 teaspoons cinnamon

Combine boiling water with couscous, raisins, olive oil and salt in a heat-proof bowl. Cover and let sit about 15 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Add the onion, almonds and cinnamon. Makes about 4-6 servings.



to all that have sent me mails in the past 3-6 months about jobs in japan because the US job market is so crappy - ive just been made aware (way after the fact) that GEOS is/ was/ still is in trouble:

"To All Teachers Considering Going Back To Work On Friday!

1. You will not be paid for April.
2. You will not be be paid any bonuses or holiday paid you are owed.
3. Your May salary will be very small (23rd to 30th of April). (if you get paid)
4. Your next full salary payment will not be until the 15th of June! (if you get paid)
5. You will have to work with the managers that lied to you and your students and will continue to lie to you and your students.
6. End of July you are sacked again and have to agree to new work conditions if you want to continue working.
7. You as a teacher have zero respect and value with the new company. The new company has already guaranteed to pay rent owed to the landlords but will not pay money owed to teachers.

By returning to work all you are doing is supporting the very people have shafted you and lied to you.
Your jobs are not secure and you will be shafted and lied to again at the end of July.

Best of luck! "

to conclude: it is no better here that over there. not really. i hope this helps.

a reply: food and life

as a reply to awaken69 here:

lol, that divisive skippy! haha. my mom always preferred JIF to skippy or peter pan...altho i think they are all equally evil. while the US is carb phobic (and i cant speak for Europe or others) and totally focused on organic everything. Japan is not. one reason is that Japan still does things like rotate crops and limit fertilizers. the US has gone so haywire with its chemicals that its a necessity to look for full-nutrient foods. the fruit here in Japan TASTES like fruit. its so different. (Just avoid the china imports!) and... its rice and noodles with a splattering of fish and veggies and (eek!) FRIED pork cutlet. AND lots and lots of beer. LOTS. and sake and umeshu and more BEER. has been and always will be. but they live longer than USA-ers. !!

Eating for sports and eating for life are different. thats for sure. but i dont think carbs are totally evil, per se. colas, processed breads (like the kind in my sandwich) and things like this are not great for all the reasons you mention. but life is balance. good food, good fun, good relationships, and lots of movement. I think the USA is so hung on on food that we forget the other components of a healthy lifestyle. a human is body and soul. both need to be nourished. a good cinnamon roll (and not from cinnabon!) every once in a while does the body and soul good. with a nice cup of tea and good friend after a morning run. im convinced! good relationships make us live longer because life is worth staying around for! Depressed people die sooner. and movement! sports, hobbies -a reason to be. also very very important.

I think it's great that you can control your diet, but i just cant. I dont eat fried foods, sweet beverages, or bakery items very much. i have a weakness for umeshu-soda but a "drinking night" is 2-3 and maybe every other week. i enjoy my homemade french toast with strawberries, or my kimchee and cheese omlette. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. i cant change that and to take that away limits my happiness.

so, anyways, im not in any way arguing or even trying to say your opinion about food intake is incorrect...(im sure it is physically better!) but for me, what i eat seems to work and trying to make huge changes and cut the things i love takes the life out of life. maybe i can't every get rid of that little pork with my diet, but perhaps if i was cycling 200km a week like i should be....haha.

anyways, thanks for the postings. :)
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happy birthday to fabio!

oh yes - May 10th is the boyfriend's birthday. we will celebrate on saturday night. i thought about a fancy dinner but instead opted for a 25,000 yen gift towards a new bicycle he can keep at my place, and thus fueling weekend cycling for the rest of the summer. (self-serving little me! but he likes to cycle, so its all good!)

so yes, instead---
i decided to make dinner. i was going to do a million cheese lasagna with spinach and artichoke hearts, but as i did already bestow that 25,000 yen last week and a million cheese lasagna will run me over 70$US if im not careful (cheese might as well be gold in Tokyo),well - change of plan. just as delicious, i hope!

For starters, we need a welcoming bottle of bubbly. Sparkling something, most likely prosecco.

Then a shrimp caesar salad with sliced baguette

For the main Im making gnocci from scratch (fabios fave pasta)- a sundried tomato gnocci with a black olive sauce

and finally, as silly as it sounds, im making a pineapple upside down cake for his birthday dessert. fabio LOVES pineapples and those sweet red marashinos. gonna add 11 candles (2 plus 9 for 29!) and thats that.

let's see. i also promised him a massage. gotta stop by the body shop and see about an inoffensive massage oil (does it exist there??).
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pissed athlete


I started swimming at Heiwadai pool because its a 7 minute bike from my place. its been saving me tons of time during the week. precious time that i need to sleep instead of waiting for the crowd to leave the Tokyo Taikukan and then starting my workout at 9pm. today was the last straw.

previously, its been too warm and sometimes there's a thick layer of chemicals hovering over the pool that smelled like a toxic chicken farm. previously, when there was only 1 other person swimming, i was told no flip turns because it's too dangerous! (take that dangerous michael phelps!) well, today, some slow lady decides it's a great idea to push off in front of me instead of waiting to see if im going ahead of her. im obviously coming in fast. so, we collide. i was going to apologize at the end, but she got out and talked to the lifeguard and left. now, im told no wall touch and push off under the rope (let me explain that at most pools in japan, you swim down one lane and back another. totally shite.) im supposed to swim a length and then stop and go under the rope and push off. WTF. how is that a workout? how is that going to help me get around slower people that im not supposed to pass after they cut me off?? so, she was in the "right" i got a little pissed and told them id move over to the "equipment lane" (buoys and kickboard - real efficient...) "thank you very much" said the lifeguard. i kicked for a bit and then put on the buoy. everyone left the lane. figures. i could hardly concentrate, i was so annoyed. i watched the water walkers in the lane next to me. i watch kids run on the deck and not get yelled at. i watched people stopping in the middle of the swimming lanes. what a rip.

so, the rule is under the rope BECAUSE no one wants to bloody take responsibility and notice who's are about them and follow lane rules. if someone is faster than me, i let them around. dont care if its at the wall or they wanna pass. in reverse, if im faster, let me fucking around and DONT push off in front of me. now because no one seems to have a brain, we have this rule and I no longer can swim there.
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worked out

an olympic triathlon (from here on out "OLYtri") consists of the following:

1500 meter swim
40km cycle
10km bike

not to be confused with an ironman, which is much much longer.

im almost too sleepy to write because it's naptime AND, i did an OLYtri today. sorta. I cycled 44km, ran 10km and then pulled 1500m followed by some cool down 50's. 10 minute transition in between bike and run. 40 minute transition between run and swim---which included a glass of chocolate milk, a pee break, a quick bag pack and a 10 minute ride to the pool plus changing.

basically, as continuous as i could make it.
and it FELT GREAT (aka, i should have tried harder!)-- except for the near lisa pancakes between trucks and the curb and the actual HIT today by a garbage truck. and the stoplights suck. the cycling took me 2:15. I subtracted some time for lights and accident recovery and settled on a cycling time of 2:00. the highways are just not safe and it stresses me out to ride on them with all the traffic. i have one little avenue that has cars, but its not a main thru-fare. 5km each way, just about to make a 10km loop. but still lights and no hills at all. not so useful. kanpachi dori is totally a no go. i almost died today. mejiro dori is better, but still scary. i just wish i could find a nice loop. i know theres the tamagawa and the arakawa and shinagawa futos but just to get there takes me over an hour--maybe 2.

im in need of a nap. andi only have 45 minutes now. but the point to this is, i just wish there was a good place near me to train on the bike. its my worst event of the three and the most boring to me.
(not including near death experiences)

oh,my time today was 3:30-ish.
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non-motivation vs tired

I was telling someone the other day - the difference between no motivation (lazy) and tired. When I'm lazy or lacking the motivation work out, I feel guilty and a bit bad about myself. If I'm tired, there's not a trace of guilt. I want to rest (usually nap) over hitting the pavement. Today, I want to go back to bed. the rain has finally mellowed to a drizzle, but it should stay that way for the next few hours. i feel the agenda is clean, nap, and THEN-see if i feel recovered enough to get out. The only thing I feel guilty about is that it took only 2 days of working out to get me this way. LAME. so - perhaps there is a twinge of guilt over that point.

ok - LOG OFF.
Kick butt.
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The standard 50m pool workout...

I often get asked what i do when I swim. It's a lot different than what I prescribe my swimmers as a coach. My coaching brain is interested in keeping people interested in swimming as well as focusing on a particular goal. but for me, myself and I, my workouts are about as interesting as my dinner. (aka variations on the same) but i like it that way !! :)

the 1000 block workout
(intervals vary)

1000 warm up swim - build, perhaps every 4th length stroke (1000)
10 x 50 pull
10x 50 kick (together, all 50's = 1000)
5 - 10 x 100 descending OR pattern (3 fast, 1 recovery, etc) (500-1000)
Total: 2500 - 3000

I also like 400 blocks when I want to increase my workout meterage like so:
400 swim warm up (400)
8 x 50 pull (400)
2 x 200 IM kick (400)
3 x 400 swim, pull, swim by 400
400 pace, 4 x 100 fast and repeat
etc. its easy to come up with 400m chunks and sometimes 400m seems an eternity less than 500m for some reason. its all mental.

I can make intervals (the time I have to swim each rep) longer or shorter. but always, unless it's warm-up, drills, or recovery, its important for me to have a goal and work at an 85% level or better. so i make up my intervals with this in mind. Interval training is important for SO MANY reasons, but - and I can't state it enough- you can't see your progress if you don't break it down. Sure - maybe you can swim 1,000 meters straight. but are you holding a slower pace than you think? is your technique failing? are your turns slowing? let's say your pace is 1:45 per 100m. if you did 10 x 100 on 1:50, attempting to hold 1:45 or better -- you can see exactly where you start to fail and why. you have time to notice the details. you will also be able to see when you start to go faster than 1:45. it's a sure way to see if your training is making you faster or not.

So, I tend to do the same sets. I know what I need to work on and repeating and perfecting the same sets keeps me honest.
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