Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ok, the apartment was fabulous: everything I hoped it would be. perfect location. large, furnished living rooms. cozy bedrooms. coze does equal small in this case, but with bed lofts, i have the whole floor space for desks, shelving etc. also, I can paint my room, add shelves, pictures, whatever. make it mine! im so excited. but...i have to wait until next week to meet the real guy. the situation is that this guy has his name on the lease. he is renting the apartment out to two people to hold onto it for some future point. ( I was assured that he was not kicking anyone out for a good many years) The guy, lets call him Chris, owns a place around the corner. So, my name is not on the lease. I'd pay him, and he pays the landlord. I am already imagining what I want to do with my room. And guess what? They have CABLE!! Guess who would be able to upload videos without kinkos!!! (me? oh yes!)

In the meantime, I decided to fall in love on the train this morning. I scored a seat right when I walked on. At the next stop, this beautiful painter stepped in and grabbed the pole in front of me. He didn;t notice I was there. He was wearing splattered tan painter's pants, work boots , and a soft blue demin jacket. A White raggidy bandana was tying back his dark brown dreads. His skin was like a velvety leather, wrinkled in a way that suggested a smoking habit and sun, but not age. And his eyes, were that smokey grey, and slighly tired and staring to the music he listened to through his headphones. I admired him with passing, unobstrussive glances. Suddenly he turned to me and we held a gaze for a little too long. I smiled and turned away. Unfortunately, at that point, a woman stepped onto the train and blocked the view and the painted left at Broadway Lafayette. Ah, it was a good

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