Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

such horrible sick dreams. this always happens at the begining of my illneses. I lie half awake, yet unable to break out of the dreamstate. and if feels like I have been dreaming the same thing over and over and over and over and over...and im so tired of it and i cant. sometimes its numbers up a screen, like the matrix. sometimes its a decision that i cant make. last night it was trying to figure out where 2 apartment buildings were (no doubt due to all the apartment hunting ive been doing as of late)..
and the addresses were all messed up. I knew i was dreaming, but i couldnt wake up. I swear, for hours and hours, all i could dream was this confusion about apartments. I just wanted to think about something else! Anything. No more apartments.!!

I received a phone at 3:15am. I didnt answer it. Sometime later, i could hear Jeramy whacking the cat box scoop around.

Checked my messages in the morning, and come to find out the J had gotten into a car accident. His message disturbed me. He sounded shaken up, but ok. But the thing that really got to me was that he says "oh, can you feed my cat..I got into a car accident." This seemed odd to me, since he hadnt been home since Friday. If I wasnt a nice person, his cat would have starved all weekend. And now that he was in a car accident its like..oh yeah, i have a cat. Hey lisa, can you feed him, since ill be delayed for a couple of hours? Does this makes sense why i was annoyed? anyways..

A garbage truck slammed into the back of the taxi. I took a shower and opened the door to find him snoozing with a muted movie (happens to be the movie i watched before bed on IFC, called Equinox) dancing shadows around the room. I stroked his hair to wake him up and he looks at me strangely. I got the impression that he assumed he'd be in New Jersey, and yet, he was in Brooklyn. I said "Im the other woman, Jeramy"
That seemed to clear things up. He was woozy from lack of sleep and seemed very worried about injuries to his neck. I asked if he hurt. He said no. I said, then you are proly ok! And I was happy he was. He says...yes, but i need to pay attention because I might be injured. I thought this was strange, because if yur not hurting 4 hours after the accident, yur proly fine...but i just let that one rest. He seemed to be a little paranoid that suddenly his back was going to be thrown out. Who knows. Im not an expert on after-crash randomness. He seems ok, and that is good enough for me!

I remembered to bring my vegetarian Duk Gook to work. A real lunch!! I look forward to it.

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