Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

my fingers cannot type any faster. I have so many people to email! its nutz. Scrambling to get information for this and that project idea. number crunching. and i need your help. im posting a survey up on the club board:

If you have a chance, can you check it and email me with your answers?
i will love you forever. not that i wouldnt anyway, but you know.

the rain pours like so many sheets of shredded company documents.

the apartment i saw last night ROCKED OUT! Im hoping that its not taken by tonight. The location could be better, but its in an ok neighborhood and only a 10 minute walk to the F. So, yeah, it could be better, but its certainly an improvement from where I am now. And the PLACE! It kicks boootttaay. I have much to think about involving the new place and the evolution of my little project. without this, id be completely bored today. I have nothing to do again at work. I really hate that. I even had time to enter my current chemical stock into the 800 different sales charts my new boss has asked me to complete every month. Sales are terrible. I feel bad in advance for my poor boss who will have to explain why we're not even 20% of goal. Eeek! Sometimes I like being a lowlife. I dont want any responsibility here. its better that way.
At this point, I need to prepare. Ive been eating hot soup, and now I face biting into a chilly pear thats been sitting in the fridge. I dont know about you, but when I face this senario, I know that my teeth are going to get all sensitive and painful. Wish me goes...

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