Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

Bin Laden's Al-Qaida organization issued a fiery new statement Tuesday warning Washington against attacks against him or Afghanistan.

``Wherever there are Americans and Jews, they will be targeted,'' said a statement faxed to news organizations in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, in the name of Al-Qaida's chief military commander, Naseer Ahmed Mujahed. ``We can defend ourselves. The holy warriors are fully prepared.''

``Wherever there are Muslims, they should prepare for jihad (holy war), and by the grace of God, the victory will be Islam's,'' the statement added.

I just dont understand how people can believe in "God" or whatever this diety is when "he" commands us to kill others because they dont believe in "him" the same way. I still cant figure out why people believe leaders like Osama...does Bin Laden claim to commune with Allah, or something? Please inform me. Do you get free tickets into heaven if you are a martyr? History repeats itself, and for all the "Advances", nothing has changed. A rather obvious statement, but a forgotten one until recent events, especially for Americans.
Anyone planning on foreign travel, please stay home.

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