Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I am happy to be swamped with work today. Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to sit still in my chair! Went to lunch half an hour late because Dow Chemical in New Jersey REALLY wants 160kg of Adipic DiHydrazide on Monday. To do this on short notice, I had to call the trucking company (New Jersey Express) myself. The secretary asked me my requests and then attempted to communicate with her boss, or the dispatcher, or whoever "he" was. Suddenly she whispers to me "I cant stand him! This is it! Im so tired of this treatment! I dont know how much longer ill be here."
What was I supposed to say? This is not the kind of thing you talk with customers about!
"Sorry! I hope things go better!"
"Not likely" she says.
"Hmm....well, uh...I still need to know if you all can pick up from my warehouse today..."
"I think so" she says.
Lets hope so, or Dow will be annoyed on Monday. Oh gee, too bad I wont be here! Oh yes, Ill be in Ohio, sitting in a freezing cold booth, smiling at potential customers, in a borrowed gray suit jacket. This is the life. Or so it seems....

I keep thinking about that little kiss on the train. What nice lips. mmmm. I need more of that.


I have to be good on Friday. I decided this morning. A little making out is a must, otherwise, im going to die. But, im going to let him make the first move on anything more. Ive been doing all the work, so far. I picked him up. I moved to hold his arm. I guess he sorta initiated the kiss on the train. Im going to see how he does from here on out. I know ive not been pushing anything, due to my own strange shyness, and his comments. (When I asked him, all blushing, if he wanted to accompany me to the Sparklehorse show on Friday, he says "sure, although it wouldnt really matter what we were doing on Friday as long as I had your wonderful company...") But yeah. Im REALLY trying to make this good. I have feeling about it. But, i dont wanna talk. Im so used to things turning out not so great, or me losing interest, or something.
So, lets not think anymore about the future, and lets dwell on happy memories of last night. yes? YES!

Nong Shim noodles for Lunch and a snapple Rasberry Ice tea. dont usually like snapple, but this is ok. the noodles are one step above top ramen, but they are nice and spicy and everyone in the office is happy to see im eating something besides the crackers and cookies in the kitchen. I hate this radio station. I think im going to change it.

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