Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

leaving town for ohio tomorrow. ifi can update from the road, i will.
i accidetally replaced the glyphs page with my main page. sorry. i dont have a back up. hwever, i did get pictures up, and removed the jibberish, so there are a few imrovements.
i dont like stacys keyboard. grr. you know how you get used to one type of keyboard and then ant switch? yeah, thats where its at.

i went to the rock ass bomb ass sparklehorse show on my bday!! LOVED it!! i had to workk late..until 7pm. that suked. i totally couldn concentrate was going insane. noone else in the office. on my birthday on a friday. yikers!

supposed to meet up woith lance. he called me and then NEVER SHOWED!! and then didnt call me today. Stacy and Wil say to chill out, so i am going to try. TRY. im so bummed. i REALLY like him. Fuck me.
This sucks,
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