Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

im back from Ohio! Man, i was soo homesick and i couldnt check my email at all. The Columbus convention center is in the middle of my bosses and sat in the booth all day and then ate at TGI fridays kind of restaurants at night. my system has still not recovered. I guess the eats were a little better than TGI's..but the fare was same sorta stuff. I wasnt able to contact my friend, so I pretty much turned into my hotel room around 9pm every night and watched cable tv until 1am.
Except for Monday night. I stayed up until 12am drinking with one of my bosses. Learned he was divorced once. (less common for Japanese) Talked about the role of women and how they should stay home and bear children. The whole weekend started to drive me nuts around Tuesday. I was homesick, and REALLY tired of hearing baout JApanese culture and how it was sooo great that the women beant on their knees to serve beer to the men. ugha. im so happy i dont live over there.

Anyways, I was, of course, thinking about Lance the whole time. You know me.
He called the night of my birthday to tell me he was in Williamsburg, but the show wasnt near over. I told him id be at the bar later, and i thought he understood, but the phone got fuzzy..
but yeah, i thought he understood. We get to the bar and hes not there. I meet up with Bob and Ben and the gang. We end up moving over to Sweetwaters. I leave a message with Lance that we will be there for the rest of the night. He never shows. Never calls. The next day, I decide to call him later in the day, around 4pm (this is saturday) tell him sorry i missed him and id really like to see him before i left. No call back. So, I leave and Im tortured. I cant figure out why he would not call me back. So, yeah, I got back from the trip last night, and after chilling out, gave him a ring, and he didnt pick up again, although the cell phone did ring. Left a message ssayin hey and im back, and call me if ya want..left a number. No call still. im so confused. We had a great time, and he did call me to meet up with me last Friday. The only thing I can think of is that he thought I blew him off on Friday, or something. Wil and Stacy tell me to chill. Im trying, but it seems one would return phone calls, you know?
im really sad. i dont know what i should do. I try to take it slow and still things dont work, and there was every indication that they should. i hoped things would be differnet if i slowed down and didnt sleep with people, but i guess that doesnt work either. so, im not going to call him for a while...
im thinking maybe i should call tomorrow or saturday and just say goodbye and apologize for whatever i did.
i dont know what it is about me, but i just dont get treated very well. im a nice girl. but too much of this makes us not so nice girls. then they all wonder where we went and it was their own damn fault!!!
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