Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i had columbus day off, so thats why no entry yesterday. my body HURTS. you never realize how many small muscle groups you have in your body until you paint a large room with 12 foot ceilings for 2 days straight. ouch. im all up on the 6 foot ladder with a 6 foot pole with paint roller on the end. and i didnt kill myself by falling backwards!! do i rock out or what? So now, i have a gray wall, 3 light creen walls and some sparkly red stairs. i know it doesnt sound all together mathching, but it will after i decorate. i did some before and after footage, so you could admire the horrible dark blue that was.
ok, its 9 am. i must work. i have to aquire a cash advance off a visa card over lunch, and then i promise to fill in the cracks of the weekend.
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