Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

yahoo! i managed to scrape together 400$ for the apartment! yayayayaya. you dont know how relieved I am. Now all I have to deal with is the lean times of October. Easily done. Cut down the drinking to one weekend, and that should do it. Eat rice and beans. Take my vitamins. Drink lots of cranberry juice at the office and swipe some oatmeal and oatmeal for the weekends. no biggie. I feel a little bad because my mom gave me 100$ on my birthday for some much needed winter office clothing and I spent it on rent. I do have winter clothing, but not much of it. I suppose the opinion of people in the office doesnt matter much in the long scheme of things. Im certainly not going to freeze to death, but three sweaters does not leave much room for variations. If my dad found out my mom gave me money, he'd be REALLY pissed off. So I feel doubly bad that she went out of her way to go behind his back to help me out and I spent it on rent. Sigh.

So, I have no juicy stories from the weekend. Much to a few people's dissapointment, im sure. I just spent the whole time planning and painting my room. The closest form of intruige was not intruiging. The old hardware store owner asked me to marry him. I said Id think about it...and immediately forgot when I left with my two gallons of green paint.

I didnt bug Lance, except on Saturday morning to say if he wanted to hang out, he should call me. I had a 3 day weekend after all.
He didnt call. I immersed myself in the loft, and pretty much forgot about him. I was too tired to think. Stacy was drywalling her room. The boy from Texas called. I thought about Lance.
I have decided to call him tonight to say "see ya around"
Im going to explain that i didnt mean to blow him off on my birthday, if thats the problem, but otherwise..yeah see ya around.

Tim broke up with his girlfriend, Amber. Hes pretty sad about it. He likes her a great deal, but knows shes not the one, and shes in portland, and hes in NYC. We talked at length over miso soup at this quaint little organic vegi restaurant on 6th st between Ave A and 1st ave. Hes in a slump. So, hes going to Paris for 2 weeks to clear his head. I can completely relate to his restlessness. He wants to move out and cant decide if he wants to move to the East Village or an hour away to foresty Connecticut. I hope he doesnt scurry too far! I need my Tim. He agreed to be my date to the company Christmas party. How brave is that? He gave me his new album as my late birthday present. I was delighted and slurped my tea and ripped open the shrinkwrapping. The cover rocks out. He pasted in some old letters and poems. HEs got the best looking writing. I put the CD on when I got home, and listened until I fell asleep. Much like tims current mood, the music is wandering, but I think a definate jazzy, contemporary, unexpected rock style is forming. I asked him if his band might like to play at our Halloween housewarming. Ill have to clear that one with Stacy.

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