Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

we have a half day in the office instead of a company outing. Lunch is on the bosses at this expensive little seafood restaurant down the street. Then we're off to St. Patricks Cathedral to have a few moments of silence on this, the month anniversary of the tragedy.

I have taped a stuffed bear from the Poly conference in Columbus Ohio to the top of my computer. He's gray with a little red shirt that reads "Phillips 66 specialty solvents". I hope this bear has a long life. I get jittery every time I read the headlines in the paper. There was an article this morning about the TV broadcasters agreeing to censor Osama Bin Ladens threats and comments. Forgive me if I interpret this incorrectly, but the media is going to censor words from the enemy in the interest of the general USA public? Im confused! I want to know whats happening so I can at least mentally prepare!!
The national guard is posted around at grand central and penn station. Police sirens wail every morning. A third person was diagnoses with Anthrax. Yay. What a fun world.
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