Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

well, i didnt hear from Lance, so i called up Tim. Tim is busy tonight, so we're gonna go to this film festival tomorrow. cool. So then I called up Bob from New Jersey. Im in the mood to see a movie, so Im going to suggest that he come over and meet me somewhere.


(5 minutes later)
Ok, looks like im going to New Bruswick tonight. Woohoo. Rent a movie, get some drinks. Quiet. Chill. It'll be good to get out of New York City, i think. itll be good to get back too!
ok, ill tell you all about it later.

you know when your teeeth are sorta fuzzy and need brushing? like when you've eaten lots of sugar continuously all day?? well, thats how i am now. i wish i could go home and take care of that...
oh well.
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