Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ok, this weekend was REALLY crazy. Im not kidding. My head is still burnt. (Well, thats from a certain magic cookies that I munched last night)
A sardine on the subway this morning. I think the guy on the chair below where I was standing though I was a freak. I caught myself staring at his graying hair for no particular reason. It took real effort to focus my attention on the LensCrafters ads. That and with someone briefcast poking into my leg, and someone farting, I must chalk this subway ride up as a 3 out a perfect 10.

New Bruswick was fabulous, actually. My friend Bob rocks out. Its refreshing to see motivation in todays youth. I dont mean that in a presidential sorta way. I just know so many 20 somethings that arent in school. dont have a job. have a sucky job, and complain about it and then dont do anything to better their situation. This guy, on the other hand fully values his continuing college education, actually pays his bills on time, and is generally conciencious and appreciative of the world around him. Yeah, its good. Plus he's a complete sweetheart. I think ive just run into so many "im strugging, but im doing nothing about it except complaining" people....
I definately need more Bobs like that in my life. I guess they dont all have to be named bob.

Im having a hard time forming a story that makes sense. At least to me.

So yeah, we went to see "Ill never tell" Its horrible. Dont see it unless you have good company. Then it was off to the Edison Diner for some Eggs bendict. Since im on a ratings system this morning, ill give the Eggs a 7 out of 10. Hollandaise sauce should be a little more lemon-y. im picky about that. I met some lawyer assistant (a friend of Bobs) who claims to be able to have some pull with the politicians in New BRunswick. So, if I speed around at 100mph in NB, Im all good. Not that I have a car.
ok, i cant focus. im going to continue this later. god, 2 minutes until i have to work. this is going to be an interesting day.

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