Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ok. MUCH better TODAY.
sleep does wonders.
yes, i did my laps at the pool and returned home. not 5 seconds after I stepped in the door, I get a call from Domenic. He has to cancel the he in trouble?...can i do it tomrrow? (which i couldnt cause i had dinner plans)....He didnt sleep at all the night before and is about to pass out. Fine fine. I was really too tired to care with the workout and generally being exhausted. I told him we could reschedule (After all he did CALL TO CANCEL this time!), but on the condition that he call me at work today near the end of the day, otherwise all bets are off. So far, he has been jumping through a few little hoops for me. As long as he does, we're ok. Like I said before,I dont mind if hes in and out of my life, as long as he doesnt waste my time! Anyway, I managed to quickly forget anything about it and pass out around 9pm.

I applied for a Macys evening/temp holiday position this morning. wish me luck.
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