Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i just popped over to kinkos and emailed wottrod my glyphs page, so hopefully pictures will be back up later today!! yay!

I tried to email some pics of my apartment, but for some reason, there is still an error trying to open them in the email. i am stumped. i saved them in jpeg format in photoshop. i have no idea why they wouldnt email correctly. frustrating! grrrrr.
/me waits patiently for DSL in her apartment. If only verizon would come out and install!!! grrr.

im having popcorn for lunch. it sounded good. i get these popcorn cravings all the time. strange huh? especially if ive been drinking diet coke. (which i have today. gross, i know)

so, im outta here at 5pm. Running over to pier 1 imports for a quickie interview at 5:30 (THANK YOU NAT!!!!!) meeting up with Christal, sometime in there... running to the loft to regroup, rest and let stacy in. Picked up by Domenic at 8:30 to see the movie: or (alternate ending, which is highly likely)
8:30 play silent hill until we all pass out. either way, im a happy freakin camper.

ive been calling in unsuccessfully for the Z100 100k a day contest. the 100th caller gets 100k$. its busy when i call. i need speeddial, or something. my receptionist told me she knows people who do these contests for a living. i dont see how it is possible. at leasts it gives me something to focus on while the whittle away the hours in front of the computer...

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