Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

god! i love honey nut cheerios. love.

im early into the office today to start in about 3 minutes. Im so nervous that ill have too much to do and then be late for the next gig. i guess i can always come in early tomorrow, if need be.
Geez, what is interesting? Nothing. I got register trained last night and rung up my first and only customer without a hitch. Go lisa...go. I think I have a lot more fun telling people how to decorate than ringing, but whatev's. Whatever makes a 4 hour shift go my the quickest is what im into. $5.625/ hr after taxes. I somehow feel my time is worth way more than that. Hmmm. I have to not think about it.

Got back to the apt around 10:30 and heard stacy outside talking to the loud musicians next door. I went over to meet them. I forgot their names immediatly. We bid them goodnight and Stacy was dying to play Silent Hill. I made a valiant effort to stay awake (ok..i did whine), but I ended up passing out until I heard a muttered frustrations about having to start the game all the way over becaue a zombified Cybil was kicking our ass. (You see, our memory card never wored right, so we were just leaving the machine on the whole time. Theres noowhere to start over from in the middle of the game! :( ) I think I tried to console. I think. Maybe not. I do remember having very vivid dreams about my exboyfriend, Myk, in Ohio wanting to get back together with me...and feeling like..ok..i knew this would happen someday, and I love him and all this...
and then the alarm went off, and he slipped away from me again, and I almost cried because the dreams were so real and I was so happy in them. I am pathetic.

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