Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

4.5 hours of sleep and im wiped today.

im on hold with Stolt Neilsen regaring a difference of 40$ on a particular day for storage of an isocontainer of DiButylMaleate in Chicago. (Thats 43,000 lbs, by the way)

10 minutes later. The ICE show binder is together and ready to pack. I will be in Atlanta from Sunday- Wednesday. Never been there before. Tim is from that area, somewhere. Georgia World Congress Center. I heard its not really near anything fun. Hopefully, ill be able to get a hold of my friend Alice and she can show me around a little bit. I am beginning to really loathe conferences. The A/C. The be-littlin' of females. Talk of Japan this and Japan that. Eight hours of pretending to be interested in RRRG.


must process a McCormick Order. Today is dragging.
My ass has rugburn.
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