Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ok, i couldnt stay away!! im at a kinkos. god save me. its only 40 cent a minute here in atlanta. what a damn bargain!!!!

Anyways, ive been at this tradeshow in the freezing cold. its such a stange environment. im not used to the crowd. last night my boss and i toured the hospitality suites. basically the entire top 2 floors are rented out by the rich companies and filled with good alcohol and free food (cheese plates, shrimp cocktail, fruit, college boys carving big slabs of meat). we're supposed to mingle and network. being only in charge of logistics for my division means that i dont really need to network. ill leave that up to my boss, the regional sales manager. so, this is mostly social for me. but theres only so much i can hear about peoples kids and wives before i feel about 3 years old. even the younger guys had rings on their fingers and talked of collecting giraffes from Clariant for the little ones. Makes me feel so bizarre or something that im not married yet. (mind you this doesnt make me WANT to get married...) its hard to explain. i just know i dont fit in in the coatings technology world at all. i mean, i couldnt even be real there in the room full of suits at 10pm.

the best part of the evening was this totally sleazy guy breezing up to us. He began to talk very imappropriately about some of our competitors (ok...using fuck and shit and bitchin at a netowrking event like this is just not cool...i was so embarassed) the he began asking me if i had tatoos and piercings. i told him that was none of his business. he started in that people that hang out at little 5 points were tatooed like that..and maybe i should try the yuppie place. (See, we'd being talking for a sec about where to go in atlanta) I asked him not to make ingnorant statements about a girl he didnt know just because i didnt have any visible tatoos. (I HATE people who think liberal and open minded means you HAVE to tat your bod. ) he said he'd been waiting all night to talk to the girl with the short hair (me) and he was dissapointed in my "behaviour". He asked if he could corrupt me. i looked at his ring and reminded him he was married and proceeded to get some guak and tortilla chips from the food counter next to me. he tried to flirt, saying that he often "forgets" hes married after a few beers. I said that was unfortunate for him, and managed to find my boss and pull him out of the room before the guy could pester me any more. barf.

that suite did have these yummy peach pastries though.

i was toasted from 3 glasses of chardonney. im such a cheap date these days. i passed out in my room with the TV on and awoke at 4am with some infomercial on. a surreal scene. some blonde woman ina tight teal workout suite smiling away doing butt crunchers or something. it all seemed like entirely too much effort. i turned off the tv and went back to sleep.

in the morning, i turned on the shower to find my water all brown...
i have to choice but to take a shower in it. it was like gummo in the bathtub scene, but with no spaghetti!!
in the elevator, a guy asked if anyone else had experienced rusty water. we all grunted. who knows. as snaz as this hotel is, i should have demanded some sort of morning compensation. chalk it to laziness.

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