Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

geez, i sounded like i was in a bad mood this morning!! Wow. NO, i was ok. Just annoyed with the heating. I have issues in the summer too, when its 100 degrees out and 60 degrees in. You always need a sweater and a t-shirt in these places to balance things out.

Well, I opened a checking account and waiting in line for half an hour to get a money order. yay. so, thats why no long diatrab yet. Looks like ill have to sneak it in between Microsoft Word screens.

I went home to my old place on Friday night. I needed to pass out in my own room...or Jeramys rooms, as it was, since he wasnt around. I Watched some TV, a novel thing, since we dont really get TV at the loft. Cooked up some noodles. Took a hot shower and found Zen. The next morning, I peeked into my room and found Christal sorta passed out. She woke up, hung over, but happy Id come in to say hi to her. Shes gotten a job at this cool vegi diner about 2 minutes away from Pier 1, so ill have to stop in there to visit and get some good grub. Anyway, so I listened to all that and about the party from a few nights before. She got ready for work and we took off on the bus to downtown brooklyn. From there I headed up to mid town to get some swimming in. ive been absolutely craving the water lately, and it feels good to be using the gym instead of only paying for it. Im on the transoportation there and back longer than in the pool, but thats ok. its saturday. where else do i have to be? Everywhere, but you know. I was exhausted, but I stopped off at the pet store to pick up some crickets and a rat for the snake.
Its hard to for me to relive the snake feeding episode, and if you are at all weak at heart, please skip this next section.

I put the rat in the cage, like normal. TIGA is VERY awake and hungry...tongue flicking. Usually she sneaks up on the rodent and quickly lashes out, and the death is less than a minute. Very efficient...i can only hope that i go in 2 minutes at the end without any noteable physical pain!
Anyways, TIGA would sneak up on the rat, but the rat would turn around and bite her! TIGA would pull back, surprised, a bit wary. but I knew she was STARVING because the last rat I put in the cage was too big. Id neglected to check on the size when id left the pet store. It was a few weeks since her last meal. She kept trying, but the rat kept biting. All of a sudden the rat went off on her and started to attack viciously! My poor TIGA!! I was pissed at the rat, and worried for my snake. I knew the only think i could do at this point was to somehow slow down the rat. If I tried to reach it the tank to remove the rat, id geet bitten by one of the animals or the other. I felt sick. I was pissed at the rat (alhtough, if i was the rat, id bite for my life too!!) but I knew what I would have to do was going ot be HORRIBLE. I found a hammer. I wrapped a pair of JEramys longjohns about my hang, and began to...
well, pound the rat with the hammer. 10 minutes later, the rat was limping and squealed in terror of the hammer slamming into his head. I was crying. Tears running down my face. Why couldnt my dumb snake just quit being a punk and take the rat? I felt ill. I could feel any good karma i ever had draining away. The rat squealed in pain. Crying out. Finally, TIGA found herself and put the rat out of its misery. I sat and cried for half an hour.

More later...
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