Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

next quest: downloadin fetch...
im soo tired. i was pissed because i got stood up by Christal. My Friday nights are so precious: the only night i have right now where I can go out, knowing that I can stay out as late as I want (unless I pass out standing, which is a distinct possibility). So, here I am thinking we're going to have a blast tonight. She KNOWS i work from 6-10. Claudette says that she came in earlier today looking for me, and again, they informed her of my schedule. Christal said shed come and visit me between 6-9 and then we'd go out afterwards and she never showed. so sad. i almost started crying because this one little get together was the light at the end of a very hard week. but i sucked it up. i think she'll hear about it from me, considering im about REALLY tired of people in NYC being inconsiderate. I love her to death...ive known her for a while, but this sucks. I bend over backwards to try and email all my friends and call for a few minutes when they request. Cant someone just meet me on my day off when they say they will? Sigh...

anyways, im home now and noodles are boiling. im exhausted..thoroughly, but i have DSL. So, ill be awake for a while!
Now..where is that fetch....? ;)
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