Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

email to stacy

i absolutely HAD to do it...especially after the karma i have after the whole rat incident!!!

My email:
ok, i HAD to do it. I hope you are not upset...
There were signs all over the building begging someone to take them. The couple in 306 was fostering a mom kitty and her three kittens for a brief time. unfortunately the girl, steph is allergic and cant keep them. they only need to be fostered for 2-3 more weeks. and two of the kittens already have someone that wants them...but Petco wont let adoption o00000000000 <<<<<----kitty
occur until they are weened. they are eating both mommy smilk and kitten canned chow. you should see the tiny little crate they would have had to live in if i hadnt of taken them. sadness!!! So, if we drop by petco, they give us free kitty food for them. we just need to buy litter...and for 2 weeks, im happy to do it. stacy, they are soo cute and tiny...i know you will love them.

i can only take them back on, if you want them out, ill put them in the crate and take them back next week.


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