Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

ah ,the end of another day. One of the orange kittens has decided that he needs to be in my lap all the time, if i am sitting at the computer. huh....getting attached. ah well. he has a loving home elsewhere, after hes weened.

im happy to think i only have tomorrow as a double shift. I took Wednesday off from Kyowa, and I have the rest of the week as a holiday anyways. That leaves Wednesday night and Friday night as the only two evening shift ill have to work this week. (kitten is licking my hand with his scratchy tongue). I need a break. Im beginning to feel burnt out. Running here, there..planning out my lunch hour, morning, evening, every scrap of free time in order to maximize the amount of tasks im completing. I like to be on the go, but this is ridiculous!! I almost get annoyed when I have to stop and talk to someone. how lame is that? contact. how over rated.

I took the W train home today from Union square. As soon as I stepped into the train, the over whelming odor of unclean flesh wafted into my nostrils. ewwww. I know they cant help it, but when the train is crowded and you turn to find the poor homeless person behind you...well, yo know its going to be a long trip. Especially on the W train. can we say tortoise? racing a snail? maybe, if THAT fast? Well, this guy was a large man, and had some sort of mucous flowing from his nose down his mouth and hanging from his chin. A few minutes after we pulled away from Canal St for the long haul to Pacific, he starts yelling in arabic, or some mid-eastern language. blah blah blah.."mother fucker" blah blah..stomp..motherfucker. I was standing right in front of him, with my back turned. the girl in front of me tried to edge away, but the train was so crowded, we all just had to plug our noses and hope the crazy homeless man did nothing more than what he was doing. I prayed for speed. God wasnt paying attention. We FINALLY made it to Pacific St without incident, and I hopped off the train into the fresh air (ok..if subway station air is fresh..then we have a problem, Houston!) . the M train flew in and scooped me up for the remainder of the trip home.

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