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just returned home from a fabulous thanksgiving in hoboken. its all recorded, and will soon be a posted crusade, what with DSL and all. no use hashing that out in typing.

the cat and kittens seem to be ok.
im home late, but home. i was stressed all day because id forgotten my keys in the apt. come to find out, 5 minutes before leaving hoboken, that i had them in my coat ppocket all along!! how lame am i? im just not the type of person who forgets things, so this little discovery made me feel better about myself: that i wasnt losing it afterall!!!

a little more money spent than i would have liked. i realize its the holidays and all, and i really wanted some nice champagne to share with my good friends, plus make the tomato salad im semi famous for (ok, no big head here!). i just feel guilty, cause that could have been a credit card payment. i hope to someday not feel entirely awful for spending money. i feel guilty when i buy groceries, for godsake! i get paid tomorrow at pier 1, so it makes up for today plus some.

tomorrow i plan on waking up, hitting the pool and then soming back here to get some serious work done on the room/ on the computer/ or perhaps purchase a matress (instead of going to ikea on saturday that until next week) so i can actually sleep in my own room. yay! its freeze ass cold in there with no heat source, but ill borrow christals blankey, as i have been on the futon, until i get my own back/ buy a new one..(since all my sheets are for a queen bed, and im getting a full)
im too stoked about my own room. I have so little time to myself, and i hope to find a little zen this week...that is if i get mattress tomorrow. im not spending more than 150$ on a matress. so craigslist or sleepys better have some kind of rockin deal.

on a final note, i have decided that cranberry sauce rocks out and its too bad that we only really eat it around thanksgiving. :( it goes with everything. my thanksgiving resolution (as if there is such a thing) is to eat more of it year round.


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Nov. 23rd, 2001 07:22 pm (UTC)
I use Cranberry Sauce all year round! My husband loves it, but something about it gives me a sore throat.
Nov. 24th, 2001 02:21 am (UTC)
soe throat? scarey!! i am sorry. i am in love with the stuff..although dont drink milk right afterward. ick
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