Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

I should write a dbook dedicated to my adventures in the Union Square subway station...or more specifically, the adventures of carrying heavy objects though the underground tunnels. Today, it was the kittens. Two days ago, a sewing machine and cabling. Three days ago, a computer monitor. Now, if someone asked you what type of person I was by what I carry though the would you answer?

The kittens stole the show. I sat on the train relaxing as small children poked their fingers into the air holes in the side of the container. I wondered what would happen if a kitten took a nip, but I was too lethargic to care and decided that the children should be smarter, since they did appear to be older. One mom yanked her "Thomas" away. "Dont put your fingers in there...hold onto the pole now" As if the pole is much safer with all the anthrax going around!

Well, I stumbled in at 5:30 am this morning. I didnt mean to! I was just going to go out after work and have a quick drink, but it turns out that karaoke is more fun than I thought. We went to this divey little place over on A and 5th st. (BRIEF BREAK..NOELLE CALLED!! LEMME TALK FOR A SECOND!!) ..

ok back..
so we met up with this big group from work and their random friends..some of who were 15 or so, or at least they looked it. I felt old and pretty outta place. Everyone wanted to get a private karaoke room in the back, but being the money saver I am, and at that point not so sure about singing in front of people I didn;t know, I was more comfortable at the bar with an icey cold budweiser. The night wore on and Erik and Nathalie arrived. Havent seen Erik since...well, a long time. We got to talking, and that ended up in chocolate cake and red snapper shots. Never had the latter before, and it was quite yum. All of a sudden it everyone left and there was just a small group of us left: me erik, nath, claudette, and tom. We decided to rent out a room for an hour. and guess who ended up singing? Me! Turns out I do a kick ass Karen Carpenter. I already knew that, but Ive never sung without Karen dueting with me! How funny is that?!! Also took up some Smashing pumpkins tune, during which everyone but erik left the room...they just didnt understand what billy corgan's words no , it couldnt have been my singing! hahaha

Stacy is on the phone. We're about to take off to Ikea to get me a bed! Well, at least the bedloft part. I can get a mattress anywhere, but theres a certain bedloft that im intensly interested in! Yay!!! I need to make this a quick trip. I have soo much to do tonight. I think i might die.

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