Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i have just walked in the door from being out all night. this week has been wholy unproductive on any artful front, but i think i just snapped and needed to avoid resposibility.

stacy is not here, and i have a new haircut to show off. just as well, because i would have woken her up with my loud boots.

about to shower off the evening, as fun as it was.
i feel like being myserious today.

i also need some water. my body is the sahara desert and the oasis of brita water calls..wait, except the brita is at my old place...whcih i stopped off at on the way back...and didnt find my rent money where it should have been grrrr.
i did find noelle and christal all snuggled up in my bed though. very cute. i think they were recovering from thier night as well.

Ifrit is huge HUGE. I am worried that he doesnt recognize me anymore, especially when i smell like other places.
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