Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i have just changed my mind. i do not want hot tea, but instead some instant breakfast. dont ask me why i like that stuff, but i do.

i have this new purple pashima hanging over my chair. Tim purchased it for me when he went to Paris last month. I was so suprised! He says "I have something for you..." and walks into the other room. I'm thinking...uh...what did i do now?!! He walks back out with this beautiful silky piece of purple cloth, accented with little tassles. Says "I thought you might like it." I was so happy, and really impressed. I mean, I will consider him one of my two best friends alive, but stuff like this confirms it. He's on vacation and he thinks about his buddies, as much as i would. I always do that. I like to go places and bring back little surprises for people I think deserve them. I guess i was just comforted by the fact that we're on the same level of give and take. It's easy to think you are close to someone sometimes, and really fool yourself. But it's been 6 years since we met. We better know each other by now.

I picked up some vegi sushi, soup and some DELICIOUS tiramisu from food Emporium. We sat around watching the rest of aliens 2 on TV and then started into Conan. (I think it was Arnold night on HBO) Talked about everything under the sun and a great deal about sex, considering hes seeing this new girl now. I am so happy my Tim is in the city, and even happier that he's moved into manhattan instead of living way off in Astoria where it takes me an hour to commute!

I am waiting for Stacy to wake up. Im off of work today so i can move. We both have to work tonight though, and its already after 10:30. If shes not up my 11, i think i might wake her. I feel bad, but she promised to drive the Uhaul, since I misplaced my license back in June.

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