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the cats are not getting along. Ifrit is pretty chill, but poor Skutch! He's absolutely freaking out. And i feel terrible. i think i might have to give up ifrit for adoption, and it kills silly as that sounds..but after Tiga died, i just promised myself that Ifrit would have a great life, away from the hands of Jeramy.

Stacy had a good point. I dont think that Jeramy realized just how many people and animals he has effected with his lack of responsibility. Me, Stacy, Glen. Tiga, my fish, Skutch, Pez. Really, too many animate feeling objects.

So, its either Stacy give her cats back to glen and settle for visitation rights, or i give up Ifrit entirely, a cat whom (up to this point) i have claimed no responsibility to on the hopes that Jeramy would. Stacys cats of 7 years vs. poor ifrit. what a shitty life he has had. i feel ill tonight, but i dont see any other alternative.

skutch is in the corner of the loft. hes been in the bathroom all night, screaming every time we go in. it scares me. i never trust any animal in fear. i wouldnt trust ifrit in the same position. i am hoping that he relaxes over the course of the night. i really do. i know it takes a few days/weeks for cats to get along, but its hard to watch, and even harder to live because i dont really want to get attacked cause i am afraid. and im sure he knows it.

anyways, lets see what happens in 8 hours.


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Dec. 26th, 2001 12:50 am (UTC)
Two cats can get along, eventually, if they are introduced properly... It's best to keep them both locked away from each other for the first few nights though, and then gradually let them sniff each other out. Hissing and growling will be normal, they just need time to figure out who'll be the "top cat". Good luck!

-random cat owner :)
Dec. 26th, 2001 06:43 am (UTC)
I agree. It may take several days for things to settle down, and the cats may never really like each other, but once they figure out their space everything should be ok. I wouldn't be worried unless they start to fight and I've only seen that with unneutered males. It's probably tough for the cats since not only are they in a new place, but they have to deal with new animals as well. Make sure they have places they can go where they won't be bothered, like maybe Stacy's room is off-limits to Ifrit and Skutch and Pez are always thrown out of yours. You might want to have separate feeding areas as well.

Just my thoughts.
Dec. 26th, 2001 10:27 am (UTC)
well, skutch is up on the landing above our bathroom, in the corner behind the heater and he wont come down. if you talk to him, he hisses menacingly.
apparently, he came down last night and rubbed against stacy, jumped up on the window and looked out..
but now hes back to his corner. i see that as a little progress, as opposed to last night, where he shat and pissed all over himself behind the box in the bathroom. we are unsure about what to do.

so ifrit is in my room. i have to keep the door closed...and thus no heat can enter. its like the arctic in here. i have to wear a t-shirt, sweater and a hoodie to keep warm. plus ifrit just took a big poo, so it stinks.

i say 1-2 more days like this, and then we should see how skutch is. if hes still cowering in the highest farthest corner of the loft, then im afraid ifrit will have to go.
:( i could cry. i could.

on top of this, we discovered this morning that the heater we loaned to j and christal doesnt work. i remember her saying something about it sparking, but i though things were ok. (thus my room will be terminally arctic) so, now we have to buy a new heater. im getting a little depressed about this whole situation. i feel like im losing all my pets in the course of this move. � (<----cat!) especially because the ifrit since the neutering is the sweetest animal ever. hes sitting on my lap watching me type this.

but its not fair to ask stacy to give up her pets either..
so i guess i have the lizards who survived. two of them, and it equals out that she have her two cats..
so if in a few days this isnt going right, ill have to give up ifrit.
im so sad today
all this wasnt supposed to be so hard.
i curse the day i moved up here with that boy.

Dec. 26th, 2001 10:39 am (UTC)
Good luck with Skutch
Hi Lisa,
I don't have an LJ account so I have to be anonymous, but I do have lots of experience with cats. If yours is locked in your room and Skutch is still freaking out, he may very well be freaked out by the move as much or more that Ifrit. Confining him might help too. I just moved and introduced a kitten to my dog and cat successfully and will be more that willing to help out in any way I can.

Mom of Tchotchka, Anju, & Cham-Cham
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