Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

i quit pier 1 this morning.

fate decided for me. my cough is just horrible. i was sitting on the train hacking it up. suddenly at 8th street, i took in a breath and coughed out sharply at the itching irritation. the beginning to one of those coughing spells that basically leaves you choking. luckily i was right at the stop. my face was turning red..tears welling in my eyes. embarassment. i ran out of the train as the doors closed and coughed and coughed, buckling over until i puked on the platform.

no way was i going to work like this. and wait. what ws i doing? i was in this state partially because of this gig. all the planets aligned and i called in too quit. just like that.

and it was over.

i looked at balance in my bank account.
i think i might have done enough for this year.
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