Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

putting words in my mouth

Tom (who never registers) is completely putting words in my mouth by saying that i am siding with the opinion that "nudity does not bring viewers...nudity plays no part"

my question was (strictly by my underlying meaning)...if there were 1000 people doing shower cams..would this change the perception of the term "shower cam"

in this question, i see nothing that says "nudity doesnt matter..and it never will."

it was a question posed to everyone for their thoughts.

however, if we all wish to talk about how nudity effects me and here and now--
ill have you know, tom, that before my showers ever existed, back in the good ole oberlin days, we had more viewers than we do now. also, erik cannot ask me to take showers on camera, traffic drop, or not. i do what i do because i am comfortable doing it. i do not take orders and i do not take showers FOR viewers. I take a shower because im a smelly girl if i do not. I just happen to be comfortable enough to show it. I have always shown as much of my life as i have felt at ease with. i dont do it for attention. i do it because i still believe this whole project is a cool thing.

even these "shows" i do are not FOR viewers. If i wasnt having a good time, I'd drop bathTub poetry like a slimy cockroach.

I guess you have to look at it like this; i see my viewers as aquaintences, and some friends. Just as i dont do things FOR my in-the-flesh friends- dont walk ,talk, shower, eat, puke, FOR them. I do it cause i am. i exist. It just so happens, that i am kind enough to to let ya'll watch.

You also seem to be saying that our site would be nothing if i didnt get naked. is that all you think webcams are for? this webcast isnt about being naked. its about life as a whole. I know that the majority of our audience is here because of the experience, not just to see Lisa naked. there are plenty of people who come only to watch me take a shower. and perhaps, they would go away if i didnt. i really dont care if those people stay or not.

so, you say, if it doesnt matter..stop taking showers and see where you'll be...
well, no, i wont. because you are asking me to stop living my life the way i want to. does that make sense? i dont base my self worth and the worth of this project on the number of people who come here to see me naked. in fact, they are the people i care the least about. cyber floaters who ill never meet anyway..who will forget all about me when a real porn star with real streaming comes along and gets it on.

Sure, nudity brings in a bigger audience. But, thats not the reason i take showers.

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