Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

from a memo just received at our office:

The participants will arrive on Wednesday, January 30, 2002

a. ON Wednesday, 1/30/02, at 5am the NYPD will implement vehicular restrictions as well at limied access to certain areas.

b. The NYPD anticipates protestors to be demonstrating in the area of the Waldorf Astoria on Wednesday 1/30/02

c. The NYPD stated that the demonstration will intesify on Thursday 1/31/02, the potental for violence is a major concern of the police

d.Boston Properies strongly urges that tenants avoid all contact both verbally and physically with the demonstrators.

NYPD deployment
The NYPD will be mobilized on Wed. Jan 30th at 5am

On saturday there will be a massive demonstration scheduled to start at noon at 59th street and 5th avenue. the group has been identified as another world coalitoion and February 2nd coalition, both of whom are reported to be extremely aggressive and violent. these groupd are scheduled to demonstrate and then en masses walk from 59th street and 5th avenue to 53rd street and lexington where they will stage a large demonstration.

A large contingent of police will be with the demonstators at all locations.
A number of targets of the demonstrators are McDonalds, Starbicks, The GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Chicorp Bank, Chase.....

..I work in this areas. we are advisesd to bring our lunches and run from the subway to the building and then back in the evening.
i think these are the same people who caused the ruckus in Seattle. I wish they would go away. This is the last thing NYC needs. Starbucks is located right outside the entrance to our building....
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