Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

at renzos

im sitting here at renzos...
he's making me a brie and lox sandwich. mmm. here he is all europeaned out...asking me if i want swiss cheese in his sexy accent, and then i see the kraft singles on his counter. haha!

i am a happy girl today. he always makes me feel fabulous. his new place is gorgeous. much better than that overpriced studio. and the neighborhood rocks out as well.

dinner was perfect. I actually ate fish, but it was cooked so well that I enjoyed it. wine. dimmly lit dining room,. doting french servers. High topiaries, and phalic looking statues.

I am having a hard time writing my thoughts this morning. my head is cottony and im just overwhelmed by my crush on this boy. today, at this moment. with the tea he just set down beside the keyboard.

how can you have lox and brie and hummus on 2 pieces of bread?
oh, that is the question of the morning.
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