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I thought I was going to die today after sleeping only a little over 4 hours. I am alive, none the less, as proven (in theory) by this little keyboard clacking away beneath my fingers. I was going to hit the pool tonight, but by the time I get home, it'll be too late for the local gym. Ugha. Might get out the jumprope. I can only do that for about 10 minutes. It's amazing how hard jump-roping really is.

Dark too early to go jogging.

My uncle and his wife are coming down to the city tomorrow,from Boston tomorrow night to take me out for dinner. The last time I saw him, he took Jeramy and I out for lunch. We were both starving, barely making it on my minimum wage temp job at RM Designs. It's all-amazing what has happened in this past year. Anyways, yeah, and after that, ill proly be going over to Brewster's. He's in a bad mood today. Didn't write much. Got to love Mondays.

I wish I could be really inspiring to someone. Sometimes it's hard to inspire myself.


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