Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

last night was a whirlwind. i knew i wouldnt make it home at i stopped in the GAP (wrech) right after work to buy a cheap T-shirt...actually the exact same black long sleeved t i already own! (ok, so i do go in there SOMETIMES, but only to buy this one t-shirt over and over ...oh and their pants fit my you know...if the pants fit, you have to go with it)

i ran over there and to Rite Aid for q-tips and tampons and then met up with my Uncle and Aunt from Boston to have dinner at Jamesons, this Irish restaurant/pub. I thought it appropriate, with St. Patty coming up and all. Talked about he family and the kids and my parents and how i was looking better than last year..(he saw me when i was STARVING and im not kidding about the starving thing) Asked about Jeramy, about Brewster. Its hard to get deep in 2 hours after a year of not seeing them. Had the fried beer batter off the fish and chips, and yes, i ate the chips. A budwieser. My uncle only drinks Bud, as well. So, I guess I know where I get it from. At 8 I took off down to Brewster to breathe in enough of him to get through the next week. He has the gal staying at his place over the weekend, so I will be going though withdrawals..or perhaps getting more done. He wrote me an email stating that he'd taken some extra work, and he wanted me to know that he'd be around her less. I, of course, wrote back and said that I trusted him, so dont sweat it. Seemed to go over ok.
Lunch break is over, so ill have to finish this story on my afternoon break.
So, let's leave it for now that I got down to Brewster's and rang his bell and it wasnt working so I had to call him. He opened the door in a pair of jeans and nothing else and I had to touch his skin right away, but I held off for a minute or two out of some sort of courtesy.

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