Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa


today is a wigged out day...

i keep having these vivid dreams,and i feel they mean something. For example, the last thing I ever wanted to do was go back to school. But, I kept having "back to school" dreams. It was like something was telling me I couldnt go as far as i wanted to in life without more education. So, im studying for the GMATS...and the dreams have stopped.

I keep having dreams about my old friend, Greg. It's too wierd. He's the one I dreamt about making out with. I had another dream last week where I needed to help him cook for his wedding, because his friends needed an extra hand. So, perhaps he's met the girl of forever...i should write him and see whats up.

Last night was the most disturbing dream. All too vivid. It wasn't a bad dream, but I feel totally compelled to do something...i dont know what..

I dreamt of this guy..maybe 30, with long medium- shade blonde hair. Beautiful hair, with two braids on the left side (you know those real small ones)
We were standing up, working on some machine together, like an aircraft or large something rather. his hair was kinda blowing back a bit in the wind, so i guess we were outside. and there was something about him...he was EXTREMELY attractive, but im not sure if i wanted to run off with him, or he just had something to tell me. in any case, i walked home this morning thinking i would run into him at any second...

i ran throught faces of all the people i had some good relationships with, but they didnt match. (as you can tell, i always try and figure out what my dreams signify...but it hasnt been until lately that ive felt they have been telling me to do something...rather than rehashing what's been done).

I NEEDED to run into him. didnt happen. I feel as if i will meet him some day. strange...however,

right before i caught the trolly car to uptown, i was stopped by a 70-80 year old man who just sorta appeared on the sidewalk. Short, chubby guy with a hat. I could barely hear him over the rumble of the traffic. He had kind eyes, and said he was from Italy...asked how i liked New Orleans. He talked about his pastor and I thought perhaps he was going to ask me for money for his church or something. Thinking this, I was sorta anxious to leave. He continued talking about his pastor for 30 seconds or so. he made some comment about the Germans...a joke the a punch line that I didnt understand, but he repeated 3 times and laughed into my eyes. I faked a knowing laugh and then he suddenly turned and walked away, sorta waving to me. I told him to have a good day and and turned to leave. He didnt seem crazy. He left so abruptly that I thought he was some sort of cosmic test and I didnt pass.

Anyway, I can feel the forces of the universe working around me. They usually swirl around and leave me alone, but today, they wish play.

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