Nekomimi Lisa (lisagoddess) wrote,
Nekomimi Lisa

tuesday day and night...

ive been busy all day promoting this wonderful website and scheduling the fabulous weekend entertainment!! (in case you havent seen the updated schedule, check it out...)
Well, i guess i arranged some CD's and made tea. Yeah. Go me!

I've been meaning to study for that GMAT today, but I just didn't get to it. :( (...looks into the foggy evening future...) I see some 3-4-5 triangles in a certain geometry review appearing, floating, beckoning...

in all seriousness, poor Jeramy is going to have to deal with the workaholic that i am for the next few weeks. ill make him dinner tonight and hope that the peace offering of waffles and eggs will quell the ignored feeling that is sure to well up in his soul over the course of the evening.
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