August 8th, 2000

the beginnning

Frank relaxed on his overstuffed banana shaped garden chair...not to be confused with a lawn chair, because as we all know it is only the lower class who use a lawn chair to relax in thier living rooms. It was a dreary day out, the kind where the sun pokes in and out of donut shaped clouds. Frank was beginning to crave donuts, but it was oh so difficult to move from his garden chair, in the living room. He slapped at the annoying lamp that sat beside the garden chair, illuminating his small corner of the universe. Slap, slap. It he couldn't have donuts, this lamp was going to get it..


On planet Zaboobado, the queen of the lamporoa (also known as the common living room lamp, here on earth) was monitoring Frank's actions. Her shade tremored with anger.
"Why, this disgression shall be punished with the upmost of speed....Commander Shine...Lamp the man spankers!"

to be continued...