August 23rd, 2000

hee hee

Dale E Aubrey Jr wrote:

Your site sucks now. All your traffic will dry up, due to the fact that you no longer have your two stars. Good luck!


I replyed to him, but his email failed. what a wuuuuuus!
In case you haven't noticed (which mr dale here certainly hasn't), we've been around for almost 2 years...with an audience base largely because of myself. (with a lot of help from dear mel and sharon)
im not too worried. as soon as i get over being deathly ill, it's time to kick some ass.
in the mean time, save your comments until i have the strength to argue. that is why you send them, isnt it? scared of this world.

three emails from the same person, today. He's from the UK:

I think your goverment fooled its people into thinking the Native Americans they slaughtered were as dumb as they were savage. In a recent poll
Asians and Orientals came top above whites for IQ! There wasnt anything more savage and dumb as what they did to them. The planet would be in a better state if they were running your country, instead of Bill Clinton and his cronies! Your country is run by germans anyway and look in the past what high regard they had for human life!

Lisa replies:
HUH??? Have YOU ever been to the US? First off, anyone who's living nowadays had nothing to do with the past horrible crimes done to the Native Americans. Secondly, I do believe there were PLENTY of people from England and Spain who did rotten things to them. I think the Germans fought in a different war, if i remember correctly...
You are telling the Asians are so perfect? Believe me, ALL races are guilty of violence against others. ALL of them, no matter how "smart" they are... In fact, the native Chinese could still be considered the most sexist societies in existance (see population control methods forced on chinese women if you ask why).
And I think Germany has little to do with anything that goes on here. ;)

Is Here and Now goverment backed/approved/monitered? As there doesnt seem to be any other one of you quality and profile available on the Net.

Lisa replies:
As to Here and Now being government backed...well see, that's the beauty of the US...we don;t have to be. But, who knows..maybe im a SPY on a secret mission to put Germany in control! ;)

I could never understand why europeans (who make up the majority of the USA) ,ever migrated to America as in large parts of it its more or less unliveable, either because or the heat or geography. It;s not natural for them. Maybe thats
why it's so crazy, and full of literally, hot heads! Come back to europe and give the country back to the Native Americans, from whom it was stolen from in the first place (if there's any left!).

Lisa replies:
In this last email you claim that most of America is unliveable..huh? you also say that the "europeans should come back" to the cushy land. This would indicate that YOU think the Native Americans are no EUROPEAN could comfortabley live here. Wait, dont forget the African americans, the Asian americans, the Hispanic Americans..the Russian Americans...
Since you left them out, they must be savages too...
"if there's any [native americans] left"-what the hell have you been reading lately?