September 6th, 2000

thank you tommy!

tommy has sent me the sourdough book i was eyeing on amazon! thank you so much. im leaving the pretty present on cam 4 for everyone to see...
i sorta wanna savor the unwrapped gift before i shred the paper.

again, its my birthday on the 28th, (and no randee, i cant give out my address!!) and im using the amazon wish list as a gift source. its really rad cause you can put up whatever, and the sender doesnt know your complete address. im certainly not an amazon advertiser, but the little application is a useful one!
ill put a link in a comment, below.

again, thank you tommy!


since erik is passed out with that girl (who i forgot what her name was) i have no company in the house. i tried to read for a bit- part of that company required reading list announced yesterday-but i cant concentrate any more...

so, i have unwrapped my present(thanks again tommy) and am inspired to run out and grab some potatoes to start some sourdough.

must call cab...