September 8th, 2000

Goodbye dear rats...

It's a dark and rainy is.
I'm an asshole...i set my rats free, about 50 feet down the street. I don't know. I guess I just convinced myself that they could fend for themselves out with the other rats of New Orleans. I dont need any lectures about responsibility and pets...ill know better next time and i just pray i dont see their trusting little white bodies smashed as roadkill, or something. im such a bad mom.
and I, Lisa, wanna work for the SPCA?

im such a bad mom.

the stock market

i feel like its time for me to get involved in investing...
i was messing around on etrade..trying to read up. I know a little about things (being an econ major and all) but i was hoping their tutorial would have bigger fonts, or less words or something;)

anyone here had experience with etrade or ameritrade?

id like to hear some input. in the meantime, ill be getting some credit cash from ye ole visa card. i hope it's worth my while. wish me luck!