September 9th, 2000

Saturday morn

Ah, the house sleeps, cept for me. I have bills to pay, and jogging to run, and pets to feed. The dishes are washing and I feel like that is an accomplishment in and of itself. Jeramy has left for work after our Friday weekend of playing Final Fantasy 8. I had some dreams about that game last night that I cnt remember clearly, but I know I was annoyed at having them, since I promised myself I wouldnt dream about video games, right before I went to sleep.

I guess I better get wrestling with my day, if it ever is to happen.


i have this strange relationship with the rain. i hate being out in it: caught between the grocery and the house, or the subway and the office. i never have any desire to run screaming out into the torrents or roll in the newly muddied lawn.

on the inside of the window, i gaze out at this wonderous noise of chaos. i am drawn to open the front door and stand under the eaves of the porch- not too far out, as the moodly gusts of threaten to blow water in my face, but far enough to breathe in the freshness of the world. i want to be out in it, and yet i dont want to touch one drop of that cold wetness to touch my skin.