September 22nd, 2000

the shower cam

an interesting debate and conversation about the shower cam.. thanks all for your 2 cents. i like to hear it.

one thing i need to clarify: when i said "perception of the shower cam" i meant it as the stereotype of "live cams" you know..theres always a place on these "live streaming" peep-show porn sites with girls in the shower. i didnt mean the perception of "me in my shower" in this phrase.

i was just wondering that if in the future there would be a time when "shower cam" didnt mean porn automatically, unless otherwise explained.

in the big picture, when someone (like me) says.. I do live video...people immediately think im a porn star until i tell them otherwise. im just wondering when the day will come when "cam girl" or "cam boy" doesnt mean porn.

i definately think im a first step in that, especially with the fully streaming technology...although i know that me myself and i cannot change this perception.

as for me and my shower...i take a freakin shower. if people have to get off on it, well, i guess i reduced stress in the world, but i certainly dont do it for that. people will take as they will, and thats their business.