September 25th, 2000

Stuff n stuff

sorry i missed yesterday. its getting difficult to log on to this thing. I received an email from the owner of livejournal...they are going to start charging for use, since he needs to buy more servers to meet the demands. I hope erik will do this (its only 25$, i think) so we can all still have journals like this. i guess i can post up new text each day, but the past day will be lost.
in any case, yeah, its hard to log on to this site sometimes...

i posted up some pics of me from my birthday party, in my bio. pics from bathtub poetry and other birthday party pics will also be up in the archives this week.

im trying to get those vid archives up, but its hard when my main souce of info for finishing the job (erik) is distracted by women half the week. im doing my best, in any case, to keep what i can fresh and up to day.