September 29th, 2000


new archive pics of the birthday party up at:

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I had a fabulous birthday night with Jeramy! I went over to his apartment a little early, so if i napped, i wouldnt sleep through the whole night...

he surprised me when got home from work with a red velvet cake, frosted with delicious, homemade cream cheese icing. On top of this, he handed me a HUGE bouquet of my favorite flowers..lilies. I was almost on the floor with shock and thanks..

then, as if he hadnt done enough. he handed me a large bag. Inside was humorous little t-shirt dealing with corsets...and a a BEAUTIFUL floor length leopard print, fuzzy coat...complete with a thick black fake fur collar and arm cuffs.

we spent the night cuddling, watching the olympics, and enjoying being alive.

this has been the best birthday ever...ive never had anyone special to spend a holiday with.

and again...thank you to everyone who send me emails and email cards and presents in the mail!!