October 1st, 2000

the weekend

current mood: simmering.
current music: Soul Coughing
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current time: 2:59 ct
current age: 22 year, 3 days, 12 hours, 17 minutes

I just returned form the grocery store, where i bought some items for this week's "Chemical Pie"

Today ill be making peas and onions, mashed potatoes with butter and garlic, and vegetarian bread stuffing. I think im hungry already!!!

I have a lot on my mind, and my GMAT study- integrity increases. I am seriously considering going back to school next fall to get my MBA. I have to have a fabulous GMAT score, since my GPA is slightly low, (3.11) and ive only had 2 years of business experience, as opposed to the average 5 suggested on the B-school admissions website pages. Having gone over most of the math portion of my review book, im not too worried. it seems like most of my errors come from silly mistakes like not fully reading the questions through, or lame ass addition errors. I suppose this will work itself out, as i concentrate on slowing down derusting those ole standardized test taking skills...

Meanwhile, my bills are piling up. I've been paying all the bills on time, and forking out the max I can afford on the credit cards. I guess that's what I get for playing this summer. I have this philosophy of spending in the summer and paying it off in the fall. This basically leaves me 100$ in cash for the month. Ugha. I just dont like to see myself 5000k in the red! Times are crazy and the less debt I have, the better im going to feel.

Anyone have any ideas on where i can start looking for grants, loans and other types of financial aid?? (websites) I have a feeling i have to get rolling on this.