October 5th, 2000

color for a day poll

Ok, sometime next week, (Tuesday proly...but more on that later) im going to paint myself for the day.
i need you all to vote on a color. Remember that non-toxic paint colors dont get too exciting...so no golds, silvers, or irridescent fun stuff ;)

so, vote away...


you would think that at 5:30 in the morning people could be quiet...
but nooooooo....

so, im awake and trying to get sleepy.

i cant wait until i have my own place, sometimes.


sheesh..here i am thinking that my ac is broken, for the last few days..and in reality i had just turned it off a couple of weeks ago, during the cold weather.

ok, im out

im out for the night...ill proly be in for a bit tomorrow, but you know..it's jeramy's day off, so who knows whats up. i STILL havent registered for that race on saturday. maybe ill just make a big donation and call it good.
we'll see. whether i go to the race or not will make a big difference in the time ill be on cam tomorrow.

in any case, you know where i am.
have a delightful friday!