October 8th, 2000


yeah, nap time. it got soooo cold last night. I didn't even notice. I was was running all over the French Quarter last night, drunk, in a t-shirt. This happened in NYC, over New Year's Eve, and i ended up being so sick, i fainted twice!

mm, yes, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

i guess i did notice the cold back at Jeramy's. He has no insulation and no blankets. We just huddled like emperor penguins in the antarctic, and hoped the night would go by quickly. im hoping he has some $$ left on his next paycheck to buy a quilt!

late night

im wearing Jeramy's biker jacket. I feel like a badass chic. It's soo cold in this house; I should find sometime more insulating.

Sushi was delicious! I hope everyone was able to catch this beautiful special event. We recorded footage (whatever good that will do) I've also got some pictures which ill be sending to shirley to update the archives. so, keep an eye out for that!

in the meantime, im full and sleepy. I think i need a glass of water. Between the salt, from the sushi, and drinking coke and eating chocolate to combat the salt, im feeling a smidge dehydrated.