October 12th, 2000

newsletter removal

robert contreras
rolemodel13@excite.com says:


this is a reply to an email i wrote to him explaining (politely, mind you) how to be removed from the newsletter list (reply to the newsletter-newsletter@hereandnow.net-type "REMOVE" in the subject line)
i did this after he had written an email to my address asking to be removed.
well, you know what robert darling, yo mamma's the stupid ass bitch, considering she didnt teach you to read..not the newsletter's CLEAR instructions, or a friendly email explaining again the CLEAR instructions.
if anyone has anything to say, please email the bastard. im tired of being the brunt of everyone's bad day.

Paint Girl

wow..i had sooo much fun. i wish i could find paints that were non-toxic and wouldnt peel so much. in any case...heres what i used

hair: silver acrylic. I would recommend this whole-heartedly for halloween (any color for that matter). it sticks in the hair...dries in 15 minutes, COVERS dark hair color (most hair streaks on the market can only be used on hair thats blonde or REALLY light brown), and washes out easily. a 2 oz bottle was only $1.99 at the local art store. go crazy

body: i used tempera paint. i love the smell and texture of these paints. Water-based, it mostly came off, but i still have some blue stains on my legs. It looks like i died from hypothermia. :) note that if you want a cracked, Lubriderm alligator look after an hour, that this is perfect... (its a good effect) However,the paint dries after a bit and starts to peel and dust gets all over the floor. (beware wet feet, as dust becomes liquid painy and messy footprints) paint can be touched up with a wet brush.

lips: designer glitter. this stuff went EVERYWHERE when i had even barely opened the lid. That lighter than air fine stuff is actually quite annoying. im not sure if i want to every open that thing again. I did get a great "Rocky Horror"/fairy look. To do this right, I would recommend slathering lips with lipstick or lipgloss. Then take an eyeshadow applicator and dip it in the glitter. Push glitter on lips. Glitter will stay for 2-3 hours. I first saw this technique in NYC on this rad hairdresser at Bumble and Bumble. She used dark pink glitter on top of pink lipstick. Hot.

Alrighty then...if anyone has any good Halloween tips, post em up (like powder the latex before you put it on... manic panic glitter sux, etc) :)
i cant wait until halloween...if i could just convince jeramy to dress up!!