October 14th, 2000

New Pics

new pics of paint girl and the pumpkin carving up in the bio! (extended gallery +7 and +8)

if you have some fun activity ideas..let me know.
im getting into candles, so leave it to me to come up with something wacky with that! :)

yeah, anyway...if you have any fun show ideas, let me know (and no...getting naked, breaking things (and general house destruction), or picking on others are not options ;) )


so, how come i get those little white stripes on my teeth in the morning? i used to just get them when i was sick, but i think it's the allergies that cause me to get them more often?

why do they appear and why do they go away over the course of the day??


anyone seen this one?
i had to walk out..not because it was a poorly done movie: quite the opposite!

I can't stand rape scenes. I had someone force themselves on me...not all the way...but a good deal of the way. At first it was consentual...(the going to his place, kissing part...) but then it got bad...he hit me..yeah, anyways..i learned some lessons about being alone in other people's apartments..

but i cant stand rape scenes..and the one in Titus, even though they don't show a sex scene..there is the fear..and the violence that i relate to all too well.

I walked out. I think Jeramy is upset, but tough.
I don't want to watch that.