October 17th, 2000


its time for me to start focusing on my GMAT studies. we'll see how long i can go before i fall asleep.

i keep thinking, this time yesterday, i JUST woke up. mm, mornings are good. i know you all hate them, but its just better to wake up before noon!

that chimichanga is not sitting well. ugh.

interview questions

Q: what perfume do you wear during the day?

A: Happy by Clinique, but im thinking of switching to Gucci Rush.

Q: What fragrance do you wear to sleep?

A: Dirt by Demeter

Q: What is the sexiest thing a man can wear?

A: A pair of soft,black, cotton boxers.

Q: How about a woman?

A: a medium tight, small t-shirt (no bra!) and undies.

Q: If you could be any animal...

A: Id definatly be a siberian tiger. beautiful, dangerous, reserved, yet social