October 22nd, 2000

Any Given Sunday...

"I love you sweetheart. I freeze up with inside with love when i look in your eyes."

this is the note i found on my computer this morning when i sat down to get started on my day.Jeramy leaves me these messages every so often. It's always a complete surprise and melts my heart to mush.
Guy: here's proof of one "showin your love" techninque that works :)

Today is going be one long hot love making scene between Lisa and her GMAT studies. I apologize in advance for being anti-social from now until bathtub poetry..
i have today and tomorrow to cram. i take the test on tuesday. on wednesday, im spending all day at the local spa to completely de-stress and regroup.
so, yeah, drop into bathtub poetry for a little zen.

A Plea

Ive never REALLY ever asked you to do anything.
i say..hey do this..
but you know...
im begging you to do something for me...
on my knees..

You remember Jaylene from Here and Now 2? She actually moved out right before the cameras went up. She's my best friend in the ENTIRE world, and shes fallen on some hard times.
Shes broke. Shes going to be a mom. Shes unemployed. The father is the child has found out that his mother is dying of leukemia and has a month to live. He's trying to take care of both jaylene and his mom. Jaylene is searching for a decent job. Rent is due in a few weeks, and they are desparately trying to find someone else to rent their apartment, because they cant afford the next payment.

They have put up a really cool website of their artwork. PLEASE go check it out. http://www.nemo.org For only 10$ a print you can help them out. i knew this sounds like some Jerry Lewis ad, but like i said...if you ever do anything for me..please help my friend.
I beg you. Please.www.nemo.org